Guided by Gaia Loves Horses!

Stay tuned for much more on this subject. I am dedicated lots of time, energy, love, and study into the art of using essential oils with horses.

Guided by Gaia Urban Renewal with Kundalini Yoga and doTERRA Essential Oils


Please join us for a 3 day Urban Retreat in Portland, Oregon with Arin Ingraham & Aisha Harley. We will begin each day with Kundalini Yoga with a focus on chakra balancing and aromatic meditation. Our afternoon will be a combination of plant medicine education, community development, and Q & A with Arin. We will complete each evening with an advanced Essential Oil Study and Guided by Gaia Meditation.

Come to one or all of these events!

September 17th, 18th & 19th, 2012

Portland, OR

Monday September 17th
8:00am-9:45am Kundalini Yoga ( Focus on 1,2,3rd Chakra Balancing Grounding & Rooting in to our Mother Earth ) & Aromatic Contemplation
Yoga Shala
3808 North Williams
Portland, OR

12:00pm-2:00pm Urban Foraging 101 with Becky Lerner of First Ways.
A two hour nature walk through SE Portland exploring and discovering the medicine and food growing wild in our city!
For more info on Beck visit
Meet at Aisha’s House 2734 SE 37th PDX OR 97202
Drop in 25.00

6:00pm-8:00pm Essential Oil Study of the Trees and Barks
Root Chakra
White Fir, Cypress, Eucalyptus, Birch, Melaleuca
Grounding, Bones, Muscles, Respiratory and Digestion
Yoga Shala
3808 North Williams
Portland, OR

Tuesday September 18th
8:00am-9:45 Kundalini Yoga & Aromatic Contemplation ( Focus on Heart Center & Throat Balancing )
Yoga Shala North Williams

12:00pm-2:00pm Ask Arin…….. Tea Time and Talk Story
Tea Chai Te Sellwood
7893 SE 13th St.
Portland Oregon
Event is FREE

6:00pm-8:00pm Essential Oil Study of the Flowers, Booms, and Blossoms
Heart and Throat Chakra
Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Helichrysum
Heart Opening, Love, Self- Love, Aphrodisiacs, Self-Knowledge, Skin, and Beauty
Yoga Shala North Williams

Wednesday September 19th
8:00am-9:45am Kundalini Yoga ( Focus on 3rd eye and crown chakra balance ) & Aromatic Contemplation
Yoga Shala North Williams

12:00-2:00 Make Your Own Aromatherapy Mist (doTERRA essential oils provided)
Location: Aisha’s House 2734 SE 37th PDX OR 97202
FREE Class
Just bring $10 for supplies

6:00pm-8:00pm Essential Oil Study of Sesquiterpenes
3rd Eye and Crown Chakra
Frankincense, Myrrh, Patchouli, Sandalwood, & Cinnamon
Spiritual Activating, Pineal Gland Stimulation, Connection to Source, Develop Intuition
Yoga Shala North Williams

All classes: $108.00
Drop In: $18.00
*Urban Foraging Class $25
**Mist Making is FREE just contribute $10 for supplies
Ask Arin gathering is FREE

Please contact Aisha Harley
Please send payment via paypal to:
or mail a check to
Essential Balance
2734 SE 37th
PDX OR 97202

What is an “Urban Medicine Woman”?

We live in a rapidly advancing world. Full of technology, GMO’s, disease, pills for everything, disposable culture, and lack of community connection.

An Urban Medicine Woman takes the old and ignites the new. She is aware of her roots, listens to her inner guidance systems, honors her ancestors, and cares for the future generations.

Gustav Klimt “Hygeia”

An Urban Medicine Woman is educated on what goes in and on her body. She reaches for natural remedies that support a balanced body before she heads to the pharmacy counter.

An Urban Medicine Woman connects with nature no matter how vast the concrete is that surronds her. She plants seeds, waters the sprouts and enjoys her daily harvest. She appreciates the awe of nature and dedicates time to cultivating natural beauty.

An Urban Medicine Woman offeres healing and support to her family, loved ones and community. Through herbs, essential oils, nutrition, whole foods, education, awareness, honesty, celebration and dedication to balance. She is the pillar of grounded health within and around her home.

An Urban Medicine Woman sees the possible future ahead and instead of waiting for it to happen to her, she creates the most  blissful and abundant version of it herself.

There is an Urban Medicine Woman (or man) in each of us.  We just need to to listen, learn, heal, give thanks, and grow together.

Urban Medicine Woman Tool Kit

Every Urban Medicine Woman needs her box of tricks. Essential oils are easy, powerful and fun healing helpers. doTERRA essential oils are simply the best and I will not use any other others on or in my body!

Want your own kit of doTERRA oils?

Start with the best of the best! The “Every Oil Kit”. Have every single oil doTERRA stocks in your medicine kit. Be ready to concoct your own beauty treatments, clean your house with oils, manage pests in your garden with, care for bumps, bruises, and colds and make everyone in your life feel (and smell) great!

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