Pregnancy and Essential Oils

A webinar on essential oil application for use as an integral part of wellness during the childbearing years. We will be covering the basics of incorporating therapeutic-grade essential oils into daily wellness routines during pregnancy, postpartum, and early childhood, as well as using them in the birth room, all while sharing guidelines for safety and application.

Stephanie Pearson is a professional functional nutritionist, clinical herbalist, and mother of three with a specialization in maternal and children’s wellness. She distinguishes herself in her field for her unique integration of traditional wisdom, modern research, and constitutional assessment. She is a published writer and an appointed board member for the Multnomah Food Policy Council.

Arin Ingraham is a US Blue Diamond doTERRA Wellness Advocate, founder of Guided by Gaia and a Certified AromaTouch Instructor. You can find more information on

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What is an “Urban Medicine Woman”?

We live in a rapidly advancing world. Full of technology, GMO’s, disease, pills for everything, disposable culture, and lack of community connection.

An Urban Medicine Woman takes the old and ignites the new. She is aware of her roots, listens to her inner guidance systems, honors her ancestors, and cares for the future generations.

Gustav Klimt “Hygeia”

An Urban Medicine Woman is educated on what goes in and on her body. She reaches for natural remedies that support a balanced body before she heads to the pharmacy counter.

An Urban Medicine Woman connects with nature no matter how vast the concrete is that surronds her. She plants seeds, waters the sprouts and enjoys her daily harvest. She appreciates the awe of nature and dedicates time to cultivating natural beauty.

An Urban Medicine Woman offeres healing and support to her family, loved ones and community. Through herbs, essential oils, nutrition, whole foods, education, awareness, honesty, celebration and dedication to balance. She is the pillar of grounded health within and around her home.

An Urban Medicine Woman sees the possible future ahead and instead of waiting for it to happen to her, she creates the most  blissful and abundant version of it herself.

There is an Urban Medicine Woman (or man) in each of us.  We just need to to listen, learn, heal, give thanks, and grow together.

Urban Medicine Woman Tool Kit

Every Urban Medicine Woman needs her box of tricks. Essential oils are easy, powerful and fun healing helpers. doTERRA essential oils are simply the best and I will not use any other others on or in my body!

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